Hanson & Beards Ltd have recently completed full scale fire testing for the FD60 ANOform Ultra post-formed door set.

A double door set at a massive 2440x2440mm size was burned and we achieved more than a 25% over run proving that our products perform rather than relying on 3rd party test evidence as so many do.

The ANOform Ultra door leaf utilises a timber perimeter framed construction, giving many durability advantages over a standard chipboard door. Our door frame is fully encapsulated and is installed with fully hidden fixings giving a clean, hygienic finish.

The new ‘Clean View’ flush vision panel was also put through its paces, and showed no signs of failure when the test was finally stopped at 75mins.

‘Clean View’ vision panels can be specified on all ANOdoor & ANOform doors giving a completely flush glazing system which is both highly aesthetically pleasing and also hygienic. We can also offer ‘Clean View’ vision panels with interstitial blinds for when privacy is a requirement.

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